Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ever burn yourself so bad you cry for like an hour?

Well, I did. Last night. I burned the CRAP out of my thumbs trying to get my pizza stone out of the oven! I didn't have complete oven mitt coverage like I thought and went to grab the little rack that holds the stone (pampered chef) and grabbed it with my bare thumbs *cries* It really hurt so bad and now I have big ole blisters on the insides of my thumbs, can't even bend them without them hurting! Oy, thank God for Neosporin, it keeps the burning away:) Yeah, if only that was the first time I've had nasty encounters with my oven...but I won't make myself look worse than I already have, lol!

So I picked up a new hobby! I'm starting to watercolor paint, and so far it's been great! I haven't painted anything that even remotely LOOKS like anything, but it's fun:) And who knows, maybe someday I'll be uber famous and those "paintings" will be worth something *rolls on the floor laughing* One thing I love about the painting, its so much cheaper than scrapping, hahahah! Whoever gets into scrapping thinking it'll be a cheap hobby is seriously deluded! I've spent almost 200 dollars on stuff this past week and it makes me sick to think of it! So much wasted money, and really...the stuff just sits in the organizers looking pretty *sigh*. With painting, all I have to do is buy paper, brushes, paint, and some lil odds 'n ends and paint to my lil hearts content! Oh yeah, I also have to learn how to draw/paint, bwahahahah! That's gonna be the tough part! I have signed up for a couple classes at Joann's though, so I'm really hoping it'll help! I still have to post pics of my darlin honey golfing last weekend, his first "tour" tournament! He's going on another one this weekend in Daytona Beach and he'll be gone overnight...thus it begins...Seriously, it's a good thing I have two super fun hobbies or I'd be out of my mind! Anyhoo, since I'm at work I s'pose I should do something productive for the next 40 mins till I get off, till next time...'s a cute picture of me and my sweetness:)

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