Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday Indeed! I'm still kinda recouping from the camping trip. For some reason, I'm just really tired from the trip! We went to Salt Springs up by Ocala, it was really nice and all...but there was a crap-load of bugs! I have been half-eaten by the bugs, I have bites ALLLLL over my legs, and when I tell you all over, I mean all.over. It really itches but I got some stuff to fix that today, hopefully it works!
I don't think the dogs had much fun camping either. They just laid there all day. Of course there isn't much they could do because we had to keep them tied up *cries* It was so sad! I can't wait to move back up north where we can leave them off the leash and go camp in the mountains. Florida camping is crap. I mean really...who wants to swim in areas with Alligator signs posted all over? Not so much.
So today I'm recouping:) I went to Joanns and bought some fabric and altered a 3-ring binder...saw this on DIY yesterday and loved it! I covered my idea book, inside this binder are templates and sketches...

And here are a couple cards I made using my new Cornish Heritage Farms bg, "reverse dots"...This is the coolest stamp in the world!

Okay, I'm gonna go take another Calamine lotion bath...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ahhh Monday!!!

And I don't have to go to work! I'm off till next Tuesday actually, its beautiful:) We're going camping tomorrow, soooo excited for that! First time with the dogs, should be way fun!
I scrapped yesterday and today, how cool is that! Usually I'm too bored to scrap, lol!
So here are the fruits of my labor...
*This happy birthday card was totally lifted from a card in the new CTMH Idea Book, I just loved it:)*

And this is what my room looked like when I was done...

*sigh*...guess I better go clean!