Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Day for the Hights!

My honey made MSgt! WOOHOOOO! I am sooo excited for him:) Anyone who knows Billy knows he studies his arse off, he was studying 6 months before he took the test...3 or 4 hours a night...every night. Sometimes I would get upset because I wouldn't see him all day, then he'd go in the office and study all night. It was selfish of me though, cause I know he did it for us:) After he took the test, he didn't think he made it! He was actually positive that he DIDN'T make it, so he's ALREADY been studying again to re-take the test next March! When he called yesterday, he wasn't wanting the list to come out because he didn't want to see people around him getting stripes, and him not get anything; well...I guess it didn't work out that way:) My baby got one too! It was also his first year testing for MSgt, and anyone who knows how the military promotion system works, you know that making a stripe on your first try is amazing. Billy is so amazing, he just puts his mind to it, and does it. I *love* him:)

Now he can buy momma a 52" plasma and a cruise! w00t!

<-----HaWt MaN!

<-----HaWt MaN's NeW sTrIpE!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I have had a productive weekend!

If you call lots of scrapbooking productive:) Actually, I made two accordian albums for two friends who are having babies! My friend Jasmine is having a lil boy, and my friend AJ is having a girl (well, his woman is anyways)! I had soo much fun making these, all CTMH stuff, its the greatest stuff to work with!

So, that was my weekend:) Did the little boy album at the crop last night at Lauras, then the girl album I did today! I have like 6 more pics to do layouts for, so I'm hoping the creative mojo will stick with me through the week!

Talked to Billy yesterday, he's doing well in more week there then he's off to Iraq for 6 months! I'm starting to finally get into my groove now, its still hard, but sadly...I'm getting used to it! I guess thats good too though, I'll just be freaking glad when he's home again:) Well, gotta go let the dogs back inside, the poor little critters have been outside for a whole 5 mins *gasp*! LMBO! Okay, hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about tomorrow, if not, you'll get more of my whining:) Either way, see ya later!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Turning over a new leaf

THats right, I'm turning over a new leaf! Meaning, I'm going to quit being lazy with my blog:D Okay, so its been almost 2 months since my last much going on, yet it doesn't seem like much to post about, lol!

I've pretty much just been wallowing in my self-pity with Billy being gone, its been a whole month and he JUST NOW got to the desert. At least time can start counting now. Billy said it was 115 degrees in Kuwait, wow. Once it hits 100, I think hot is hot. It all feels the same after that; however, I still feel so bad for him having to work in that heat:( Construction work too, the real manual labor! My poor least he's makin some big bucks so he can come home and buy momma a 52" plasma tv:) Yeah baby!

Not too much goin on in my scrap room, I managed to crank out one lo for the Croppers Cottage Newsletter Sketch contest!

Isn't Jesse just the cutest little man ever? I *heart* this picture of him:)

K, so I've been getting lots of AWESOME CTMH goodies too, I'm soo lovin the new Solo stamps! Here is a card I did with the Solo "T"

Here are a couple fathers day cards I made using the new Rustic Trails paper from CTMH!

And last picture, the cute Embelly organizer I altered out of a spice rack! I used CTMH Laid Back paper pack!

Okay, so maybe the scrap room has been getting some action, it just doesn't feel like it! Okay, so I promise to post more, its my hope to post everyday, not like I have a whole lot goin on right now, lol!

Stay crazy~