Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Turning over a new leaf

THats right, I'm turning over a new leaf! Meaning, I'm going to quit being lazy with my blog:D Okay, so its been almost 2 months since my last post...so much going on, yet it doesn't seem like much to post about, lol!

I've pretty much just been wallowing in my self-pity with Billy being gone, its been a whole month and he JUST NOW got to the desert. At least time can start counting now. Billy said it was 115 degrees in Kuwait, wow. Once it hits 100, I think hot is hot. It all feels the same after that; however, I still feel so bad for him having to work in that heat:( Construction work too, the real manual labor! My poor baby...at least he's makin some big bucks so he can come home and buy momma a 52" plasma tv:) Yeah baby!

Not too much goin on in my scrap room, I managed to crank out one lo for the Croppers Cottage Newsletter Sketch contest!

Isn't Jesse just the cutest little man ever? I *heart* this picture of him:)

K, so I've been getting lots of AWESOME CTMH goodies too, I'm soo lovin the new Solo stamps! Here is a card I did with the Solo "T"

Here are a couple fathers day cards I made using the new Rustic Trails paper from CTMH!

And last picture, the cute Embelly organizer I altered out of a spice rack! I used CTMH Laid Back paper pack!

Okay, so maybe the scrap room has been getting some action, it just doesn't feel like it! Okay, so I promise to post more, its my hope to post everyday, not like I have a whole lot goin on right now, lol!

Stay crazy~

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~Heather~ said...

Amber...I stole a glance at your blog after I updated mine...it had been almost 2 months for me too! That's so funny!

I miss my little brother too...not that we spoke very often, or saw each other...but knowing how far away he is now really lays something on my heart. i think of him all the time...you too! You can call or write any time your feeling blue! Holly & I should go down there just to give you a girl's night on the town!