Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Awww...I had to post another picture of Luke, I have been neglecting him in my pictures! HE's so purdy, isn't he? I think this is such a groovy picture too:D
Tuesday blogging! I'm sooo tired today, kind of angry also. Thats no way to live! I have to learn to let things slide off my back, life goes on. Okay, so anyways. I tried to come up with another blog challenge for the cottage bloggers, this is what I came up with:)

If you weren't scrapping in your free time, what would you do?

I love to work with crafts so much, that I believe it would still be crafty! I used to enjoy cross-stitching. My mom taught me how, and I loved it! Its just not so satisfying as scrapping because it takes FOREVER to see the end results! I have also always wanted to get into ceramics and pottery! I think I'd also try to make alot more time to get in the gym and be serious with the lifting! Its just a little tough right now, but when Billy leaves, I'll have alot more free time to get in the gym and stay for as long as I need too. I plan on knockin his socks off when he returns from the desert in January!
I soo enjoy scrapping though, and don't see myself giving it up anytime soon:)


Monday, April 10, 2006

New blogger topic for Monday!

Top 5 must-haves (ever changing of course)

in my fridge
1. Milk
2. Veggies
3. Vanilla Chai Spice coffee creamer
4. Unsweetened Ice Tea
5. White Zin or Beer (I'm only human)

in my closet
2. SHOES (lots of em!)
3. Purses of every size and color
4. My laundry basket (so clothes don't get piled in the corner!)
5. Shirts (I know, so obvious)

in my purse
1. wallet
2. Gum
3. Pens
4. My weekly calender (for appts and such, you know I'm important!)
5. Extra house keys

in my car
1. Gym bag
2. CD player and CD's
3. sunglasses
4. Gum
5. My CTMH idea books

on my TiVo (assuming we had TiVo which we don't, but I can dream!)
1. American Idol
2. 24
3. Lost
4. Days of Our Lives (shut up)
5. 30 Minute Meals (Rachel Ray)

Tag, you're IT!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh yeah! I love today!

BeAuTIfUL FRIDAY!!! WOOHOOO! I love fridays:) We have been doing absoultely NOTHING all day today in the office! Just hangin out, chewin the fat! Then we went to the Slow n' Low BBQ place for a birthday lunch for Marie, it was so good! Plus, this place is right off the beach so we got teh nice ocean breeze out on the deck, all I needed was my man, my bathing suit, and a margarita and I would have been in heaven:) Its 86 degrees today, pretty warm out there! I can't wait for Sunday! Billy got us a boat and we're taking the dogs out for some water fun! Betcha I can find a layout out of all the pictures I'll be taking;) I feel the urge to go spend money at Scrapbook Cottage...I love that place *sigh*

Okay, well I gotta research some chemicals now, sounds fun eh? :) Have a great afternoon!


Thursday, April 06, 2006


Okay, I told you I was gonna post these pictures of Jesse sucking on his bed, its so absurd, lol!

Okay, look at my loot! I had such a great mail day today! I got my new Rhonna Farrer clear stamps, AND my Carolee's clear stamps, along with some fab paper! LOVE IT!

Man, I get so happy when I look at those:)

So, the blog challenge on Croppers Cottage was to tell something that you want everyone to know about you. Well, I guess that would have to be that I am sooo needy! I NEEEED to be around people, I love to hang out with friends (IRL ones and my online buddies)! I think this is one reason I get so depressed when Billy leaves, its just me and the dogs! I totally miss the human interaction all the time. I only have 3 good friends here in Melbourne (only been here a year and its so hard to meet new people around here!) and all of them are leaving within the month. Getting stationed in San Antonio and Korea. So, I'll be completely and utterly alone. So look out, I'm such a whiner too when I'm sad! LOL!

Okay, Survivor is coming on so I must go! My Nick got voted off last week, so sad:( So now I'm going for Austin I think. Can't wait to see Shane go...he works on my last freakin nerve! Goodbye for now!


Every day I can't stand my office even more! I just found out that I'm on the Hurricane Recovery Team(from here on out I'll refer to it as HRT), right? Well...I was thinking today. Yeah, can you imagine that? Anyways, I remembered that its just going to be me and the dogs this year (since Billy is going to be gone all year). Well, on the HRT we have to evacuate to a specific place and wait till the damage is done, then go out and fix the base up! Well, my problem is that I have dogs, and no one to watch them while I'm gone! Originally this wouldn't be a problem, I'd just evacuate with them. But I can't bring them with me to this place where I have to evacuate to now. Well, I ask my supervisor what should I do, and in his normal supervisory wisdom he's like, "I dunno, that sux." Gee, thanks for the help. So I go to our NCOIC (the head enlisted guy in our shop) and ask him. He don't give a rats a$s either! He's like, "oh, well people with kids have to make arrangements so you should have to too." Yeah, I get that, not saying thats wrong, but dude. Have a heart and try to be a little more helpful, eh? See, its this little crap that gets me all worked up into a tissy and feel like I need to pinch his head off! Well, he's retiring in 2 months, so I must keep my cool and remember to "move along". Speaking of "Move Along" thats a great new song by All American Rejects. I so love that song!
So now I'm in much need of an evening of scrapping, to calm my nerves from one thing, and focus my anger on the layout I can't get right, lol! Awww...I'm so pitiful, huh?
So I'll post more later cause I have the CUTEST picture of Jesse and his little habit. He sucks on his dog bed, its the weirdest thing and I don't know why he does it! Its kind of creepy but kind of cute in the same way, lol! You'll see...~~Stay Crazy!~~

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One more layout using all my CTMH stuff, the pp was created using the "dainty" stamp set! This set is sooo versatile, I love it! See my website for more info;)
Isn't Jesse the bomb? He's soo cute, my little guy!

Couple layouts I've done the past week or so! The first one is my honey! I was so sad last ngiht when I made it, only a couple more weeks till he leaves:(

The second one is my cutie patootie niece Brittani! I love these pics of her, Got them from your blog Heather, thought you'd get a kick out of these;)

The last one is a layout about me! My first one about me actually! It was so much fun, prolly my fave lo so far, I just love the colors! I don't get to use pink very often;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic wednesday morning, I'll be back later (I have to at least ACT like I'm doing work today:)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Like whoa. I totally suck at this blog thing! I'm going to try super hard to post every day! I s'pose it don't matter too much since I don't get alot of traffic, lol! Anyhoo, not much to chat about today, going through the same ole' crap at work, I do hate my office! People just don't care about each other in my office. But, I won't whine...could be worse, it can ALWAYS be worse.
Like my honey leaving, for instance:( Less than a month and I lose him for 7 whole months! It makes me so horribly sad to think about it! So I won't...for now!
Well, I gotta finish making dinner, the pork chops are smellin mighty fine! Got some rice going too, and some veggies...mmmmmmm mmmm good! I'll post more later~~Stay Crazy!