Thursday, April 06, 2006

Every day I can't stand my office even more! I just found out that I'm on the Hurricane Recovery Team(from here on out I'll refer to it as HRT), right? Well...I was thinking today. Yeah, can you imagine that? Anyways, I remembered that its just going to be me and the dogs this year (since Billy is going to be gone all year). Well, on the HRT we have to evacuate to a specific place and wait till the damage is done, then go out and fix the base up! Well, my problem is that I have dogs, and no one to watch them while I'm gone! Originally this wouldn't be a problem, I'd just evacuate with them. But I can't bring them with me to this place where I have to evacuate to now. Well, I ask my supervisor what should I do, and in his normal supervisory wisdom he's like, "I dunno, that sux." Gee, thanks for the help. So I go to our NCOIC (the head enlisted guy in our shop) and ask him. He don't give a rats a$s either! He's like, "oh, well people with kids have to make arrangements so you should have to too." Yeah, I get that, not saying thats wrong, but dude. Have a heart and try to be a little more helpful, eh? See, its this little crap that gets me all worked up into a tissy and feel like I need to pinch his head off! Well, he's retiring in 2 months, so I must keep my cool and remember to "move along". Speaking of "Move Along" thats a great new song by All American Rejects. I so love that song!
So now I'm in much need of an evening of scrapping, to calm my nerves from one thing, and focus my anger on the layout I can't get right, lol! Awww...I'm so pitiful, huh?
So I'll post more later cause I have the CUTEST picture of Jesse and his little habit. He sucks on his dog bed, its the weirdest thing and I don't know why he does it! Its kind of creepy but kind of cute in the same way, lol! You'll see...~~Stay Crazy!~~

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