Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh yeah! I love today!

BeAuTIfUL FRIDAY!!! WOOHOOO! I love fridays:) We have been doing absoultely NOTHING all day today in the office! Just hangin out, chewin the fat! Then we went to the Slow n' Low BBQ place for a birthday lunch for Marie, it was so good! Plus, this place is right off the beach so we got teh nice ocean breeze out on the deck, all I needed was my man, my bathing suit, and a margarita and I would have been in heaven:) Its 86 degrees today, pretty warm out there! I can't wait for Sunday! Billy got us a boat and we're taking the dogs out for some water fun! Betcha I can find a layout out of all the pictures I'll be taking;) I feel the urge to go spend money at Scrapbook Cottage...I love that place *sigh*

Okay, well I gotta research some chemicals now, sounds fun eh? :) Have a great afternoon!


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