Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Like whoa. I totally suck at this blog thing! I'm going to try super hard to post every day! I s'pose it don't matter too much since I don't get alot of traffic, lol! Anyhoo, not much to chat about today, going through the same ole' crap at work, I do hate my office! People just don't care about each other in my office. But, I won't whine...could be worse, it can ALWAYS be worse.
Like my honey leaving, for instance:( Less than a month and I lose him for 7 whole months! It makes me so horribly sad to think about it! So I won't...for now!
Well, I gotta finish making dinner, the pork chops are smellin mighty fine! Got some rice going too, and some veggies...mmmmmmm mmmm good! I'll post more later~~Stay Crazy!

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