Saturday, February 18, 2006


BAD! I have been forgetting to update my blog, then when I think about it, I'd rather be doin something else! LOL!
Not alot of excitement in my life right now, just waiting for our landlord to do his dumb walkthrough of the house today to make sure we haven't completely destroyed anything. Well, we havent', but I can't say the same for the dogs! I'm nervous about what this guy is gonna say when he sees the kitchen floor! The dogs have torn most of the linoleum up and it looks like crap! We put a big ole' rug over most of it, but wouldn't you know the dogs have to attack that too! GRRR! Then there are the holes in the backyard, yeah it looks bad! Plus, just last week a big patch of grass decided to go brown, great timing, huh? I guess I shouldn't stress much, not alot he can do about it rightnow since we just signed another lease. All the problems are really cosmetic anyways, good thing my hottie hubby is a carpenter and can fix anything! Wish us luck today!

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