Sunday, February 19, 2006

The landlords inspection

I guess it went well! I was at the store when they came so i didn't get to meet them:( Apparently he wasn't too shocked at the linoleum so that's awesome! He didn't mind the yard either, yeah!!! He did, however, go into the bathrooms and take pics of the tubs (he and his wife tiled them before we moved in) and wouldn't you know thats the only part of the house I didn't clean? ARRGHH! How embaressing! LOL! I guess they weren't toooo bad, but still embaressing. Then Luke walks into our shower and gets doggy foot prints all in there cause he had dirt on his paws from outside. Dogs. What can you do? Also, they didn't mind us having the two dogs, HUGE relief that they finally know about both of them! We were only supposed to have one, but with both of us working all the time, we had to get Luke a friend, enter Jesse:) So anyways...inspection went well, we didn't get kicked goes on afterall! Have a happy Sunday:)


~Heather~ said...

I'm so glad everything went well for you think the dogs are bad...just wait till you have kids! The little bugger monsters destroy EVERYTHING nice! We're still waiting to get coffe/end tables for our living room because I just know the moment we get them they're gonna get banged up and crayoned on! But, yes of course they are totally worth it! Nice to see an update!
p.s. How weird is it that you call my baby brother a "hottie"?

Amber said...

hahahaha, its not weird to me! lol!